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Reality 6.0 is a campaign using the 20th Anniversary Shadowrun ruleset. Set in Seattle in the 2070s, this campaign is played every Tuesday (for the most part) at Top Deck Games in Tulsa, OK.

In addition to maps and character bios there will also be a wiki with information on the Sixth World and everything else that seems important.

6/29 Update: We haven’t been able to get together to play for quite a while. I’m putting things on hold for now; I’m not sure if we’ll be continuing, but I don’t want to call it finished yet. I’ll update this once I know more from the players.

Tech Note: For some reason, the site I was using to generate the achievement images has vanished, turning all my carefully-crafted pictures into broken links. I’ve looked around the base site to see if it got moved, but the whole thing is in French and all I can find links back to the missing page. It’s been a couple weeks since this happened, so I have to assume that it’s gone for good. Without the images, there’s little point in maintaining it.

Note to viewers: The character tab isn’t using the existing DST for Shadowrun; while it’s not bad in the ‘gets the job done’ way, I’m working on making one that’s easier on the eyes and more informative. No idea on how long it’ll take, though, as I’m having to learn the relevant code-bits (things like good layout in HTML, and CSS in general) as I go.

Home Page

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